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House Cleaning


Cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, dusting from ceiling to floor, remove soap scum, cleaning the floors


Dusting, clean all appliances, polish stainless steel, clean and sanitize all surfaces, floor cleaning

Living Room

Dust ceiling to floor, baseboards, fixtures including lights and shelves, furniture and electronics, vacuuming, glass windows


Dusting, vacuuming, cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces from ceiling to floor including baseboards, 

Dining Room

Dust ceiling to floor, clean the table and chairs, clean the floor, vacuum and window cleaning if needed, baseboards

Hallway and Stairs

Dust, vacuum, polish fixtures and picture frames, sanitize door knobs, marks on walls

*Policies on Dishes, Laundry, and Pets

Dishes: We do not wash any dishes at any time.  If dirty dishes are found around your home, we will be happy to bring them to the kitchen but we will not wash them.  If the sink is full of dirty dishes, the sink will not be cleaned.

Laundry: We do not wash your laundry.  If dirty laundry is found throughout the home or on the floor, we will collect those items and place them in a pile in the room they are found in.

Pets: We love pets but if they are a distraction, please make sure to put them where they will not bother us while cleaning.  If pets become an issue and nothing is resolved after the second time of speaking with the owner, then we will no longer service your home.

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Where We Travel

We service a 25-mile radius of our office location.  Customers living beyond 25 miles and up to 75 miles from our office location will have a 15% upcharge applied to the final bill.

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