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Professional house cleaning services are hugely beneficial to people, and they can be to you as well. At Brobst Cleaning Services in Harrisburg, PA, our highly experienced team is able to effectively clean your home and transform a space into a relaxing, organized, and dirt-free area giving you the chance to focus on other things in your life. We offer the best home cleaning services in the area, we are dedicated and passionate about the work we do, and we are always excited about having the chance to impress new customers. Give us a call at: 717-343-9145.

Our Services

Cleaning Tables

One-Time Deep Clean

A deep, thorough clean from ceiling to floor. Your choice to add-on carpets and tile and grout.


Kid/Pet Friendly Chemicals

Pet and kid-friendly chemicals are specially formulated cleaning products that are safe to use around kids and pets, as they do not contain harmful ingredients or toxic substances that could potentially harm or pose a risk to their health.

Church in Fall

Church Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning tasks performed within a church or place of worship to ensure a clean, welcoming, and hygienic environment for congregants and visitors.

Loose Tiles

Tile and Grout

Tile and grout cleaning involves the process of thoroughly cleaning and removing dirt, stains, and buildup from tiled surfaces and the porous grout lines, restoring their original cleanliness and appearance.

Carpet in Living Room


An 8-step process that will help your carpets feel fresh again.

Calendar Pages


Regular cleaning and maintenance tasks performed every two weeks to ensure cleanliness and tidiness in your home.



Routine cleaning and upkeep activities carried out on a weekly basis to maintain a clean and organized environment.

Table Calendar


Regular cleaning and deep-cleaning tasks performed once a month to tackle more intensive cleaning and maintenance of a space.

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