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Carpet Cleaning

A common question that is asked about carpet and professional carpet cleaning are how often carpets need to be professionally cleaned. Carpet cleaning is a significant investment requiring both time and money. If your carpets look like they are in pretty good condition, it seems clean to the naked eye, there are no spots or stains, and it gets vacuumed on a regular basis you may be wondering if your carpet truly needs professional cleaning and just how often you should clean it. Should you subject your floors to the chemicals if it doesn’t look dirty? Won’t it wear them down faster?

Consider some of these facts when you are wondering how often carpet should be cleaned and if your carpet needs to be cleaned: 

  • Even carpets that appear clean can still have as much as a pound of dirt per square yard. 

  • Some of the most common allergens can hide in your carpet for months. 

  • 80% of the dirt in your home gets there on the bottom of people’s feet when they come to the door. If you wear shoes inside your home your floors get dirty much faster. 

  • As many as 2000 dust mites can live on 1 ounce of carpet dust. Though the dust mites themselves are not harmful their droppings are common sources of respiratory irritation.  

  • The carpet in your home could be seven times dirtier than a city street. [Source] 

  • If you don’t remember the last time your carpet was professionally cleaned it is past time to have it cleaned.  

  • Walking across overly dirty carpet is like shaking an overly full air filter, it just kicks up dirt, dust, allergens, etc. into the air.  

If you read those facts and can’t remember when the last time you had your carpet cleaned, you are probably thinking it is time to call a professional carpet cleaner.  

Most carpet manufacturers will suggest that you clean your carpet every twelve to eighteen months depending upon how often it is used. Some will include annual carpet cleaning as a mandatory requirement to upholding the carpet warranty.  

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests deep cleaning your carpets every six months. This is a good suggestion if your floors have very high traffic, you have pets, or there is someone with allergies or other respiratory illnesses living in your home.  

How often the carpet in your home needs to be cleaned is heavily dependent upon the usage of the carpet in your home, the type of carpet you have, and if there are any special deep cleaning needs due to health issues.  

Regular deep cleaning not only keeps your home clean and your floors looking great, it can reduce wear and tear in high-traffic areas of your carpet, allowing your carpet to last longer. Professional carpet cleaning has many benefits including keeping your carpet under warranty. Not cleaning your carpet could void warranties on your carpet. Check your warranty if you have one to see what the manufacturer requires on keeping your carpets cleaned. 

There are many reasons to have your carpet cleaned annually and they are all beneficial. For carpet cleaning in Harrisburg and surrounding areas make an appointment online or over the phone with Brobst Cleaning Services.  

*Article courtesy of All Kleen

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