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Carpet Cleaning

If your carpets look clean, you might wonder if they need professional cleaning. But even seemingly clean carpets can harbor pounds of dirt and allergens. Shoes track in 80% of household dirt, while dust mites and their droppings accumulate. In fact, carpets can be dirtier than city streets. Regular vacuuming isn't enough; deep cleaning every 6 to 18 months is recommended by manufacturers and the EPA. This frequency depends on usage, carpet type, and health considerations. Professional cleaning not only maintains cleanliness but also extends carpet life and upholds warranties. For low moisture method and other carpet cleaning needs in Harrisburg and nearby, schedule with Brobst Cleaning Services online or by phone.

Where We Travel

We service a 25-mile radius of our office location.  Customers living beyond 25 miles and up to 75 miles from our office location will have a 15% upcharge applied to the final bill.

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